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Film and TV Restart Scheme

The DCMS publish draft rules for the Film and TV production restart scheme.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

In response to the national lockdown measures introduced to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, film and television production within the UK ceased to a significant extent, with many production businesses suffering significant losses as a result of delaying or abandoning existing and planned productions. Following the subsequent easing of these lockdown measures, many producers were unable to restart or, for new productions, commence production due to the lack of availability of insurance coverage for COVID-19 related risks, which prevented them from accessing funding from their finance provider(s).

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The objective of the Scheme is therefore to support the film and television industry to restart production in the UK, by making direct compensation available to eligible film and television producers that incur losses during the course of producing eligible productions as a result of certain COVID-19 related risks, in respect of which they would otherwise be unable to self-insure or access insurance or indemnity in the commercial market on commercially viable terms. The Scheme will be available to both pre-existing eligible productions (which have had to delay or cease production and have been unable to restart) and to new eligible productions (which have been unable to commence production), in each case due to the lack of availability of insurance coverage for COVID-19 related risks on commercially viable terms.

To see the complete draft rules, follow the link here